Monday, March 9, 2009


You're now entering the place,
where you sit or stand alone,
and loneliness you embrace.
The pain in your heart approaches,
your mouth gets dry,
all you feel like doing,
is sitting down to cry.
it feels like emptiness for miles,
here there are no smiles,
all you have is yourself,
and your broken heart.
The loneliness grows,
and that horrible feeling starts,
you hear nothing only groans.
The only people you see,
don't even care about you,
they only live to survive.
Every time they talk,
everything takes a dive.
So you just stand there,
wishing that someone cared,
but all they do,
is laugh and stare.
Cold people see you from a distance,
they don't want to be near you,
they don't even want to hear you.
Their insensitivity,
is uncalled for and unfair,
they leave you alone and in despair.
All you do is sit there alone,
you wish they would approach you,
but oh well.
You need a good friend,
and you feel that if you don't find one,
your sad world might soon end.
(thats why i love my friends)