Friday, February 27, 2009


The fire burns tonight
Lighting up the darkest corners of my mind
So take a look inside
And let these walls come crashing down
Here I stand pouring my heart onto your floor
So lonely now
I'm sleepless and I'm down
Won't you pick me up and put my feet on solid ground

The stars will fall tonight
Beautiful destruction laid down before our eyes
The blackest tears you cry
Fighting out this city as we struggle for our lives
Fight this off don't let your fingers masquerade
Hope's not lost affections never hurt the brave

One last goodbye
Your reason why
Those tears you cry
Don't let this feeling die

I'll scream this song so tonight we stay together
Can't you hear me say
Don't wait too long 'cause I won't wait forever
Won't you light the way for me?
[won't you???]


  1. i'll light the way for you..
    if u pay the electricity bills afterward..

  2. aduhhhh!!! pa'an giler, pa'an giler... hahahaha...mizzz u so much dowh...picture,xleh blahhh....